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    In 2015-2020, the Agency's staff, together with scientists from the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, published more than 177 scientific and popular scientific articles in national and international journals (Appendix 6).

   Including publication of following monographs by Mirsaidov U.M., Badalov B. and Dymova T.N. "Thermal stability and thermodynamic characteristics of aluminum hydride", Mirsaidov U.M., D.М. Mirzoev, Kh. E. Boboev "Comprehensive processing of mudstones of kaolin clays of Tajikistan", Monograph. Dushanbe: Donish, 2016 .-- 92 p., Mirsaidov U.M., Kurbanov A.S., Mamadov E.D. “Acid decomposition of borosilicate ores”, Dushanbe: Donish. - 100 p., 2015., MirsaidovU.M., "The Issues of Radiation Safety in Tajikistan", Monograph. Dushanbe: Donish, 2019.-112 p., Mirsaidov U.M., Nazarov Kh.M., Khodzhiev S.K., Rakhmatov N.N., “Features of the extraction of uranium concentrates from ore and uranium-containing waters of Tajikistan”, Monograph, Dushanbe: Knowledge, 2019 .-- 250 p.

     Such a materials as “Collection of laws” and “Compilation of regulatory legal acts in the field of nuclear and radiation safety” were also published successfully.




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