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    In 2015-2020, researchers of the Agency, together with scientists from the Institute of Chemistry named after V.I. Nikitina NAST presented their research paper for obtaining small patents. Patents were granted by the positive decision to the patents’ applications to following researchers:

1. Mirsaidov U.M., Gafurov B., Badalov A., Nasrulloev H., Khakyerov I. Method of hydrocarbons’ desoltification of rare earth metals. No. TJ 741. 11.24.2015.

2. Mirsaidov U. M., Akhmedov M. Z., Nazarov H. M., Rakhmatov N. N., Khakimov N. N., Mirsaidov I. U. Methods of extracting uranium from wells and sinks. Small patent No. TJ 743. 12.16.2015.

3. Mirsaidov U.M., Barotov A.M., Akhmedov M.Z., Yatimov P.M., Yakubov Z.T. How to make dichloride from danburite. Small patent No. TJ 749. 17.02.2016.

4. F.Khamidov, A. Badalov, U.M. Mirsaidov, M.Z. Akhmedov., Mirsaidov I.U. The method of decomposition of uranium compounds. Small patent. No. TJ 801. 28.10.2016

5. Nazarov Kh.M., Irmatov K.A., Mirsaidov I.U., Rakhmatov N.N., Akhmedov M.Z. Wastewater treatment method. Small Patent No. TJ 835.03.05. 2017 Nov.

6. Kurbanov A.S., Barotov A.M., Nazarov F.A., Davlatov D.O., Mirsaidov U.M. Method for processing borosilicate raw materials / Small patent No. TJ 848. - 02.10.2017.

7. Mirsaidov U.M., Badalov A., Akramov M.Yu. Azizov O.A. / Method of obtaining aluminum hydride by mechanochemical method. Small patent No. TJ 896 12.04.2018

8. Mirsaidov U.M., Nazarov Kh.M., Khodzhiyon S.K., Khojiyon M.K., Barotov B.B. Method for leaching of uranium ores. Small patent No. TJ 927. 13.10.2017.

9. Kurbanov AS, Barotov AM, Dzhuraev Yu. Kh., Nazarov Sh.B., Mirsaidov U. M. Method of obtaining glass with boron content. Small patent No. TJ 980. 21.11.2018

10. Boboerov M. D., Barotov B. B., Mirsaidov U., Khomidov F. A., Davlatnazarova M. D., Muminov S. V., Isoboev M. D. Methods of extracting uranium from mine waters. Small Patent No. TJ 1044. 05.06.2019





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