Ustod Mirzo Mulloahmad, Doctor of Philology, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, currently works as a senior researcher on the issues (problems) of the Middle and Near East in the Institute for Asian and European Studies of the National Academy of Science of Tajikistan.

   In addition, he is a member of the publishing bureau of the International Association of the National Academy of Sciences, the editorial board of the journal "Rudaki" (Tehran), the journal Cultural institution ECO (Tehran), the journal "Payemnomai farhang" (Bulletin of culture), a member of the scientific council "Doiratul maorifi insonshinosi" (Tehran) for the defense of doctoral dissertations at the Institute of Language and Literature named after Rudaki NAST , and is also the chairman of the Tajikistan-Iran Friendship Association.

   From 1969 to the present, he has been working at the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, during this time he was in the positions of a senior laboratory assistant, junior and senior researcher, head of a department, head of a department and deputy director of the Institute for Science, then head of the department of science of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan and deputy chief Scientific Secretary of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

   From 1971 to 1974 he did his PhD  in the Institute of Oriental Studies and Written Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, and in 1975 he defended his dissertation on the topic "Ejodiyoti Farrukhi" ("Creativity of Farrukh"). From 1978 to 1980 he worked as a translator from Persian in Iran. In 1993 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Raviyai "Bozgasht" dar adabiyoti asrhoi XVIII - XIX Eron" "The process of the Return? into the literature of Iran in the 18th - 19th centuries”, and in 2008 he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

   The field of scientific activity of Mirzo Mulloahmad is wide and covers the history of Tajik and Persian literature from ancient times to the present day, the literature of Iran and the East, the history of science and culture of the East, linguistics and literary and cultural ties of Tajikistan and the countries of the East.

   He is a well-known expert on the history of Tajik and Persian literature, and his scientific works were published in Moscow, Washington, Tehran, Baku, Mashhad, Berlin and others.

   For many years Mirzo Mulloahmad worked as the head of the department, deputy director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, head of the department and deputy chief scientific secretary of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as being a member of the Accreditation Commission of the Republic of Tajikistan, he contributed to the organization and development of science in the country.

   M. Mulloahmad also made a valuable contribution to the training of scientific personnel. Under his leadership and the direct guide, 16 people defended their Ph.D. theses, 5 people defended their doctoral dissertations and 5 people are are in pre-defense.

    Mirzo Mulloahmad is one of the authors of the academic publication of the “History of Iranian Literature in the 19th - 20th centuries” (Moscow, Nauka, 1999, 535 p.). His books “Yodi Yori mehrubon” (Tehran, 2001, p. 845), “Khuboni porsiguy” (Tehran, 2003), “Andarzhoi Rudaki” (Tehran, 2008), “Sadoi Osiyo” (“Voice of Asia”) (2011) attracted the attention of foreign readers and introduced them to Tajik-Iranian works. His scientific works as "Jang va sulh dar "Shohnoma" (War and peace in Shahname) (2005), "Rudaki va sukhanvaroni ham ruzgoriyu" (2008, co-authored), “Biyo, to jahonro ba bad nasparem” (2010), “Piromuni Rudaki va rudakishinoson” (2014), “Sayire dar olami eronshinosi” (Journey into the world of Iranian studies) (2014) can also be attached to the authoritative Iranian publications.

    Among his published scientific works: "Farrukhii Sistoni" (1978), "Nishot va Midzhmar" (1983), "Lyricai Adibulmamoliki Amiri" (1985), "Furugii Bastomi va gazaliotio" (1967), "Koonyi Sherozi" (1992), "Sunnathoi poydori davroni purbori adabiyot" (2008) in the editions "Donish", "Donish", "Inson. Adabiyot. Fargang" ("Human. Literature. Culture") (1993), "Rudaki va rudakishinoson" (2012) in the publishing house "Adib", "Payomi ahloqii Firdavsi" (2003), "Dar olami eronshinosi" ("In the world of Iranian studies") (2005), “Biyo, to jahonro ba bad nasparem” (2011) at the publishing house “Devashtich”, “Buzurgdoshti insoni nek” (2011) at the publishing house “Maorif va fargang” (“Education and Culture”) and others.

   Mirzo Mulloahmad also made a significant contribution to the study and publication of works of ancestors, such as "Kobusnoma" of Kaykovus (1979, 2007), "Ruboiyoti Umari Khayyom" ("Rubai of Umar Khayyam") (1983), "Barguzidai Ash'ori Shahriyor" ("Selected Poems of Shakhriyor") (co-authored, 1984, 2006), "Hikoyathoi navisandagoni muosiri Eron" ("Stories of modern Iranian writers") (co-authored, 1986, 1988), "Ruznomai safari Iskandarkul" Abdurahmoni Mustajir (co-authored, 1989), “Gulbongi navjavon" Lohuti (1991), "Andarznomai Rudaki" (1992), "Gazaliyoti Furugii Bastomi" (1993), "Donishnomai" Maysari (1999), "Andarznomai Hakim Nosiri Khusrav" (2003), "Dahunoma" (2003), “Gulchini devoni Hofiz” (2006), “Andarzhoi Jaloliddini Rumi” (2007), “Ashyori muntahab” (“Selected Poems”) by Abuabdullohi Rudaki (2008), “Dar partavi khurshed” (2011), “Hikmatnomai Nosiri Khusrav" (2013) and others.

   Mirzo Mulloahmad is the author of more than 550 scientific and popular scientific works, including 30 monographs and collections of scientific articles, 40 different collections of works of ancient and modern Persian writers, which were successfully published through his efforts.

   Mirzo Mulloahmad took an active part in the organization of scientific conferences and forums, including assisting in the promotion of the International Symposium "Hazorai “Shohnoma”-i Firdavsi” (1994) as Executive Secretary, 675th anniversary of Kamoli Khujandi (1996), “Tajribai ta’rikhii sulhi Tojikiston” (“Historical experience of the world in Tajikistan”) (2001), “Fifth International Conference of Teachers of Tajik and Persian Languages and Literature” (2006), “Rudaki and World Culture” (2008). He presented scientific papers at more than 50 international conferences and symposia held in different cities around the world. In particular, at the UN Hall in New York (June 18, 2008), he delivered a scientific speech on the topic "Rudaki - shoiri buzurgi bashardust" ("Rudaki - the great poet of mankind"). Rudakishinosi (studies on Rudaki) is one of the main directions of Mirzo Mulloahmad's scientific activity, and, thereby “Donishnomai Rudaki” (Rudaki Encyclopedia) was published in three volumes under his leadership.

    The simplicity, humility, kindness, respect and hard work of Ustod Mirzo Mulloahmad is an example for everyone that guides young people on the path of hard work, happiness, victory, self-knowledge and self-awareness. Having worked with Ustod side by side for ten years, I have never heard the Teacher address anyone (i) unrespectedly.

Ту худ сӯзӣ вале созӣ ту моро,

Талошу ҳимматат поянда бодо.

Tu hud suzi vale sozi tu moro,

Taloshu himmatat poyanda bodo.

Subhiddin Ziyoyev

Head of the Middle East Department

Institute for Asian and Europe studies,  NAST

 The festival-competition “Behtarini hizbi” (“Best Party”), where took part (attended) different nationalities and which was dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the PDPT on the initiative of the PDPT Executive Committee in the Shohmansur region was held in the hall of the Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Sadriddin Aini, on December 8, 2021. The event was opened by the first deputy chairman of the People's Democratic Party Azizi Abdujabbor Abdukahkhor, who noting firstly that the aforementioned "our" party has a worthy leader, and that, secondly, thanks to the supreme leader, every member of the party can have power and must use it in the interests of nation in such a way that the party could influence on various platforms of our time, otherwise it will be difficult for the party to find a place in the minds of citizens.

    Then, according to the results of the competition the winners were awarded commemorative awards and prizes in eleven nominations such as "Best Committee", "Best Propagandist", "Best Representative (Delegate)", "Best Reporter (Journalist)" and other nominations of the Best.

    In the nomination "Best Committee" the first place was taken by the Primary Executive Committee "Hiradmandon" of PDPT of NAST .

    In the nomination "The best reporter (journalist)" the first place was taken by the press secretary of the National Academy of Science, Mashrab Abdullah. In other words, the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan took two places in the festival-competition, which testifies to the responsibility of three deputy chairmen of the People's Democratic Party "Hiradmandon" in the National Academy of Science of Tajikistan, the researcher and historian of the party Shirin Kurbanova ...




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