The role of scientists, poets and writers, newspapers, magazines, books and articles, as well as research institutions and analytical centers (think tanks) is very important in solving these problems, their discoveries and achievements.

     Thus, foreign and domestic experts and political scientists, including researchers and experts of the Institute of Asian and European Studies Abdugani Mamadazimov, Shamsiddin Karimov, wrote books and research articles on the role and concept of geopolitics and emphasized its strategic importance.

    It should be noted that by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan dated October 28, 2016 No. 466, the Institute of Asian and European Studies was established in the structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan as a recently formed research institution, consisting of scientific centers dedicated to the study of politics, world economy, social thought, language, literature, history, religious, ideological and political disciplines, geography, including local history and regional studies, regional conflicts in countries around the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

     Thus, the above-mentioned Institute, under the leadership of its director, as well as scientific leaders and employees (researchers) in the field of geopolitics and its issues, planning its activities for lovers of science and education, which is a good basis for understanding of the political science of Tajikistan in the period of independence.

     It should be noted that in dictionaries, including Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the concept of geopolitics is defined as follows: geopolitics or geographic politics comes from the Greek language, where “geo” means land, “politics” means state or public administration. According to the information, geopolitics is one of the main sections of political science, fundamental political science and the theory of international relations, and considers the state and specific historical forms of the influence of the territorial-spatial features of the state on global, regional and local processes. [1]

     Thus, it should be noted that nowadays, the countries of the world use geopolitics to explain (clarify) various issues and politic management. Let me pay here readers attention to the kea role of one of the world's research Institutes, which informs students and scientists in the management of geopolitical problems of the world and the region.

     The Center, registered as the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), which functions as an independent agency for the study of regional and global issues in the UK to the present day. The office presents its research work to students in accordance with laws, regulations, guidelines and best practices from academics and experts.

     For 60 years, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has helped formulate and develop strategic issues for governments, business, media and experts around the world. The company generates revenue from database sales, publications, conference support, corporate sponsorship, research, consulting, as well as charitable donations and foundations. The aim of the Center is to reactivate and develop policies that will contribute to further ensuring and promoting peace and security around the world.

     The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has offices in Washington, Bahrain, Berlin, London and Singapore, moreover, it studies and discusses current issues in Asia, Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

     It should be noted that strategic research, annual geopolitical assessments, objective and in-depth analysis of the Institute's specialists reflect the events, activists and forces that contribute to the development of international relations. All this will contribute specialists and researchers in the field as a benchmark and indispensable guide for the development of political science, business leadership, analysis, as well as will make it possible to reveal geopolitical and geoeconomic trends with great force. The Institute recently developed a special report on various problems of the world with the publication of the World Agenda for 2022 and its prospects, which discussed the problems and challenges of the world for 2020-2021.

    In this report, experts examine and analyze the development of all regions, as well as the existing problems and trends that still cover the whole world.

    It also examines the factors influencing strategic change for large states, with tested and comparable data on global and regional powers that provide rich and clear guidance for geopolitical events.

    Finally, it should be noted that the Institute studied the current issues of 2021, and in its annual report entitled “Strategic Survey 2021: The Annual Assessment of Geopolitics” [2], in a concrete form , a wide range of issues related to key Themes, including challenges and vaccine diplomacy, digital conflict, European strategies in the Asia-Pacific region, rising carbon emissions in space and environmental concerns, the prospects for Iran's nuclear program, and the future of political Islam that have become the subject of special attention (consideration) of the center and researchers.


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Mirsaid Rakhmonov

Senior researcher at the Institute for Asian and Europe studies,  NAST




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