Science, Scientist and Society: History and Modernity

    Scientists-associates, students and followers of Academician Muhammad Osimi are sure that no one and nothing will stop the Tajiks on the path of building a sovereign Tajikistan.

                                                                                                Emomali Rahmon

                                                                                               The President of the Republic of Tajikistan

 National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan

Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography named after
Ahmad Donish

Science, society and scientist: history and modernity


Tajikistan, Dushanbe, August 25,, 2020

Dear ....
It is a great honor to invite you to take part in the function of the International Scientific Round Table "Science, Scientist, Society: History and Modernity" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Tajik SSR Academy of Sciences, (1965-1988), Chairman of the Commission for the Study of Civilization of Central Asia, UNESCO(1977-1996), Founder and the President of the International Association of Tajiks and Persian-speaking Peoples of the World “Payvand” (1990-1996), Laureate of the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding (1979), an outstanding public and statesman Muhammad Asimov (Osimi) (1920-1996).

The symposium will be held on August 25, 2020 at the Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.

Location: Dushanbe, 33 Rudaki Avenue.

Time: 09:00 am

Working languages: Tajik, Russian and English.
Organizing committee

National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan
Institute of History, Archeology and  Ethnography named after Ahmad Donish


Science, society and scientist: history and modernity

Tajikistan, Dushanbe, August 25,, 2020


International Science Round Table “Science, Scientist, and Society:
History and Modernity”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary academician
Muhammad Osimi (1920-1996)


International Scientific Round Table - Science, Scientist and Society:
History and Modernity

25 August 2020, 09:00 am

Venue: Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan

Scientific and conceptual issues discussed at the international Round Table on the topic: Science, Scientist and Society: Yesterday and Today, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Muhammad Asimov (Osimi).
1. Introduction and Opening Remarks President of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, academician Farhod Rahimi.

1.1.         A new conceptual approach to the scientific, organizational and
social activities of academician Mumammad Asimov (Osimi) :
His creative thinking, pedagogical activity, leadership, intellectual party work as secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Tajikistan, a prominent statesman, philosopher, orientalist, historian, and physicist, and his influence and role, as a visionary Minister of Education where he built a system of vocational and technical schools; as a rector of the first technical university in Tajikistan which he also founded and built its foundations and cultivated its scientific and technical potential; as a promising and influential leader in the field of science and culture and his methods and fundamental concepts in training of scientific and managerial professionals, creation of systems of teaching and implementation of scientific training and research including new academic institutions in the field of natural and social sciences in the Academy of Sciences system;

In the transformation of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan into a large and recognized center of fundamental intellectual and scientific research in the country and abroad; As a founder and organizer of international scientific forums on the history and culture of the Iranian peoples (including symposia on Persian poetry, the Kushan civilization, honoring the anniversaries of Amir Khusraw, Hafiz, Aini, Abuali Sino, Borbad, Kamoli Khujandi, Mirsaid Ali Hamadoni, and others.)
His academic developments on the history of the Tajik people and his founding of the idea of ethnic history of Tajiks; his publication of two encyclopedic and academic books on Tajikistan, and as a founder and publisher of the Tajik National Encyclopedia (8 volumes); his recognition and study of Aryan culture and its place in human civilization, his view on the genesis and self-knowledge of the Tajik nation as well as from the points of view of Bobojon Gafurov, and Mirzo Tursunzade.
Unity, integrity, and self-knowledge of the nation, revival of a sense of elf-esteem and historical memory of the Tajik people, national intelligentsia, and patriotism; his new interpretations and differentiation of research in relation to management activities and state structure, culture, art, knowledge, education, understanding the mission of the intelligentsia in society in the context of scientific and social activities; his lead on celebrations and rituals of Tajiks; his perspective on modern Western civilization and cultural dialogue between the West and the East.

As Chairman of the Commission for the Study of Civilizations of Central Asia (1977-1996) at UNESCO, and his role in the publication of the seven volumes of the Civilizations of Central Asia earning him recognition by former Director-General of UNESCO Feredrico Mayor, “today the world needs such intellectual and creative figures as Muhammad Asimov,” and by the former President of the USSR Academy of Sciences A.P. Aleksandrov, “Muhammad Sayfiddinovich is one of the wisest presidents of the academies of the Soviet republics.”

1.1 Academician Muhammad Asimov (Osimi) and the World Association of Tajiks and Persian-Speaking Peoples of the World, Payvand:
Academician Muhammad Asimov – as the founder of the Association of Tajiks and Persian-speaking Peoples of the World, Payvand; description of the historical and scientific genesis, purpose of creation, implementation of the idea of unity and integrity of Tajiks; historical aspirations, cultural heritage, the constructive role of Tajiks in the creation in Dushanbe of the Center for the World Assembly of Tajiks and Persian-speaking Peoples of the World.

1.2 Official opening of the International Scientific Roundtable on the topic "Science, Scientist and Society: Yesterday and Today"

Moderators: Professors Askarali Rajabov and Sadullo Rahimov.

Farhod Rahimi (academician) – Tajikistan

Abdujabbor Rahmonzoda (academician) – Tajikistan

Akbar Turson (academician) – Tajikistan

Muso Dinorshoev (academician) – Tajikistan

Mamadsho Ilolov (academician) – Tajikistan

Nuriddin Kayumov (academician) – Tajikistan

Ogonazar Agnazarov (academician) – Tajikistan

Karomatullo Olimov (academician) – Tajikistan

Abdurahmon Muhammad (professor) – Tajikistan

Mustafo Osimi (professor) – Belarus

Sabit Nematulloev(academisian)-Tajikistan

Iraj Bashiri (professor) – USA

Masud Mirshohi (professor) – France

Saidmakhmud Odinaev (academician) – Tajikistan

Kashi Nath Pandita (professor) – India

Mansura Haydar (professor) – India

Alim Ashrafkhon (professor) – India

Dr. Saidmuhammad Bogiri Kamoliddini – Iran

Нaknazar Kurbonmamadov (professor) – Uzbekistan

Nematullo Sayfulloev (professor) – Tajikistan

Ibrohim Usmonov (professor) – Tajikistan

Нabibullo Rajabov (professor) – Tajikistan

Mirzo Mulloahmad (professor) – Tajikistan

Nasrullo Ubaydullo (professor) – Tajikistan

Yusuf Nuraliev (professor) – Tajikistan

Sulton Hasan Barotzadeh (professor) – Tajikistan

Olim Khujamurodov (professor) – Tajikistan

Olimjon Kosimov (professor) – Tajikistan

Abduvali Kushmatov (professor) – Tajikistan

Ravshan Rahmoni (professor) – Tajikistan

Matluba Mirzoyunus (professor) – Tajikistan

Wahhob Nabiev (professor) – Tajikistan

Umeda Gafforova (professor) – Tajikistan

Parvona Jamshedov (professor) – Tajikistan

Tojiddin Mardoni (professor) – Tajikistan

Kholnazar Mukhabbatov (professor) – Tajikistan

Nu'monjon Usmonov – Tajikistan

Mulloho Davlatov (professor) – Tajikistan

DR.Ruzii Ahmad – Tajikistan

Dr.Jumaboy Azizkulov – Tajikistan

Usmonjon Gafforov (professor) – Tajikistan

Dr.Munira Shahidi (professor) – Tajikistan

Sangakhmad Tilloev (professor) – Tajikistan

Bahrinisso Kobilova (professor) – Tajikistan

Larisa Dodkhudoeva (professor) – Tajikistan

Pirmuhammad Nurov (professor) – Tajikistan

Shamsiddin Soleh (professor) – Tajikistan

Tugral Shokirov (professor) – Tajikistan

Lutfullo Tursunov (professor) – Tajikistan

Dr.Muhammadrahim Karimov – Tajikistan

Dr.Zukhro Madamidzhonova – Tajikistan

Fozil Abdurashidov (pofessor) – Tajikistan

Dr.Zinatmo Yusufbekova – Tajikistan

Dr.Tojinisso Murodova – Tajikistan

Dr.Abdurauf Razzokov – Tajikistan

Dr.Kibrie Atoeva – Tajikistan

Dr.Mumina Shovalieva – Tajikistan

Dr.Manzura Khasanova – Tajikistan

Dr.Subhoni Azamzod – Tajikistan

Dr.Komiljon Rahimov - Uzbekistan




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