State scientific experimental and industrial institution

734063, Dushanbe city, Republic of Tajikistan, 299, Ayni Street

Tel: (+9923 37) 225-80-91

  The institution was founded in 2008 on the base of Department of Materials Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. Head of the institution since its organization is Dr., F.U. Obidov. At present following two laboratories operates in the institution;

• Laboratory of Materials problems;

• Experimental and production laboratory.


Products from secondary aluminum allows 

The main activities of institution are:

  • basic and applied research related the study of the physicochemical properties of metals and their alloys, local of minerals and other materials;
  • experimental works, research and technological development on production of governmental work completed on the results of recent research work of scientists of the Academy of Sciences, universities and industrial research institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • design, testing, implementation, experimental and production activities associated with the manufacture of devices and systems, consumer goods, products, rigs, parts, based on ferrous and nonferrous metals and their alloys and other materials;
  • production of high purity aluminum and its alloys for the electronics industry and dentistry, aluminum-strontium alloys ASt10, ASt30, ASt40 and solar water heating systems on the basis of primary aluminum. 

Samples of purified aluminum and allows


The staff of the institution developed;

  • an improved technology for producing high-purity aluminum A5N, A6N and its alloys with the lowest gas and gas forming components.
  • an experimental batch of slip rings, brass cheeks and twin screw clamps from the alloys on the basis of technical aluminum was produced.
  • From secondary aluminum (scrap) handrails, handles and knobs revolving door for compartment, which is referred for testing in the car of shed “Tajik Railways”, was made.


Products on the base of purified aluminum alloys


  • it was produced experimental batch of slip rings, brass cheeks and twin screw clamps  from the alloys on the basis of technical aluminum;
  • from secondary aluminum (scrap) it was made handrails, handles and knobs revolving door for Compartment, which are referred for testing in the car of shed “Tajik Railways”; 

Products on the base of alloys of technical aluminum


  • An undirected single-crystal of high-purity aluminum of 99.9999%, high purity aluminum brands A6N, A5N alloy based on pure aluminum, silicon and titanium was obtained. Its corrosion resistance is more than 200 times greater than technical aluminum.
  • A highly efficient solar water heater was designed, where 95% of the structural parts are made from primary aluminum. 
  • An alloy of high purity aluminum was obtained with the addition of U, Se, Nd and other rare earth elements having a high electrical conductivity and improved mechanical properties.


In a short term, plans were made to conduct the following scientific research and experimental work; 

  • development of new alloys based on lead and issuing recommendations for their use in industry of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • improvement and implementation of technology of stone products from basalt fields of the Republic of Tajikistan for roving, valves, heat and sound insulating material and the manufacturing of containers for the storage of radioactive and chemical wastes, and creation of pilot production;
  • development of scientific bases of technology of silicon production from quartzite of Tajikistan;
  • assistance in the industrial production of high purity aluminum and its alloys with the lowest gas and gas-forming components, as well as the establishment of pilot industrial solar water heating systems using the primary aluminum produced in Tajikistan.


Solar water heating system made by using of the primary aluminum