Khujand scientific center

735777, Khujand city, Republic of Tajikistan, 26, Sirdaryo Street

Tel: (+992 3422) 5-78-16

Khujand research Center (KhSC) of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan was established in 1992 to coordinate basic research in natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities conducted by scientific institutions and universities.

Academician M.R. Jalilov (1992-1994) was the first chairman of the Center. From 1994-2004, KhSC was headed by the corresponding member S.N. Nasyrov. During 2004-2010, its director was academician N.Yu. Salimov. From 2010 to the present, it is led by Dr. A. Abdumanonov.

The structure of KhSC consists of laboratory of physics, general biology and biotechnology, a group of plant introduction and a group of philological researches.

The main areas of research of KhSC are:

  • mechanical properties of polymer and other composite materials;
  • inbred lines of cotton and the selection process;
  • Introduction and enrich the range of plants;
  • History and Culture of Tajikistan;
  • literary heritage of Tajikistan. 

The main results of the researches are:

  • new data on the effect of irradiation, temperature, humidity, conditions of structure formation on the strength of polymer composites were defined;
  • constructed a system of hydrodynamic equations for density of the particles, conservation of momentum and energy, as well as to describe the evolution of micro parameters;
  • obtained and transferred to the state testing six verities of medium of medium and long staple cotton;
  • new data on the ethic history, dispersal and occupation, life and culture of the Tajiks of the Ferghana Valley were obtained.


The research results were published in 350 scientific papers, including 40 monographs, books, and booklets.

At the present, 18 candidates and 7 doctors defended dissertations. Currently 6 doctors, including a corresponding member of the AS RT and 12 candidates are working in the Center.